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Bagel, cream cheese, and lox.

Airplane dinner

Boarded a completely full flight from Charlotte and the plane had to detour around a system of storms, so we flew west then north to New York (JFK). We were about 45 minutes late.

Then we wandered around looking for the terminal – and found we needed the “sky train” to Terminal One. Tried to go through security but didn’t have the right tickets, so back to the terminal, got the tickets (and found the flight was delayed for an additional 30 minutes), then in line. It took a while but we finally got through.

Looked at food at a couple places and ended up at “Eat & Go” Istanbul/New York” and got a bagel with cream cheese and lox and sat waiting for the flight to be called. And waited. And waited… The flight was delayed for an hour and fifteen minutes. But since there were no connections there was nothing to worry about.

Turkish Air loaded from the back of the plane first – which made it much easier for everybody. The plane from Charlotte loaded the front first. Anyway we got our seats and were pretty surrounded by high school kids from Turkey. They weren’t too bad – just a bit rowdy at the start. One of the boys had an issue with hygiene and had a bit of an odor... and he was sitting right in front of Minna.

In the air we were given a welcoming Turkish delight, then hot towels to wash off with before dinner. Dinner was a salad, appetizer (hummus and chicken breast), salmon, vegetables, and an apple strudel for dessert. I had a vegetarian meal which was a little different. Minna had two glasses of wine and I had two beers – all part of the meal.

Then we flew over Nova Scotia and into the twilight. Seat was pretty comfortable but a bit cramped – they gave us a pillow, blanket, socks, slippers, tooth brush and paste, and some other stuff. The only other problem was we were in some very noisy seats. We tried to sleep but the kid behind me kept kicking the back of my chair. I think I slept a little.

Anyway, we flew deep into the night and into Thursday.

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