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On our way to Santa Cruz

Our boat that will cross the 40 miles of open ocean

650 horse power

It was calm at first

Before the raincoats

Huge waves

Can we take any more of this?

Down one swell and up the next

Anne on Tom's lap

Still an hour to go

The mate slept all through it! HOW???

Into Santa Cruz harbor at last!

Lunch in the highlands




A huge tortoise on the road

Do you get a sense of the size of these creatures?

In the wild

On the hike

Wild oranges

Wild tortoises

Tom and the tortoise

A lava tunnel



A small coffee plantation

Making molasses

Coffee beans on the tree



Removing the husks

The old fashioned way

An improvised, labor intensive sugar cane juicer

The bird knows when to come - look at the liquid sugar.



A still for making 110 proof "fire water"

The label of the coffee produced here - it seemed a bit...

Kids at play back in town

To the water taxi and back to our hotel

This was the best hotel on the entire trip

Teppy Angermeyer, the owner/manager. A colorful character!

Outdoor restaurant by the waterfront

Fantastic architecture

The bar

Our building

Half of our room

Our balcony

View from our balcony

A pirate ship anchored nearby


Water taxi dock

Crab on the steps of the hotel


Our welcome drink

A lovely perfect portion (we ordered half size meals) for our romantic...

The town and the harbor

Alfredo arrives with the kayaks

These inflatables seemed quite seaworthy

Off go the intrepid adventurers - for a few hours!

Anne & Tom stayed behind



Off they go!

After a long paddle...


..but happy..

Farewell dinner

Farewell dinner

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The rough boat trip

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Land Tortoise in the road

Santa Cruz boat trip (May 29 & 30)

We headed out after breakfast in a small boat to our speed boat, “The Angy” which would take us to Santa Cruz, our last island. The boat ride was awful! High speed at 20 mph, big waves and swells, much pounding - nothing at all like a nice sailboat! We felt miserable for 2-1/2 hours (ugh!) and so wobbly when we got off that Anne fell in the hotel lobby when she missed a step. She is bruised and sore but OK otherwise. But we were covered and soaked with salt water so we changed clothes and then went off for lunch in the highlands at a jungle restaurant. Then off to another giant tortoise preserve and finally a primitive coffee farm which also had a firewater (sugarcane) distillery!

Back in Puerto Ayora, the only city on Santa Cruz, is our very nice hotel on the waterfront accessible only by water taxi and away from the noisy town. This is the best hotel on the tour and is impeccably run by the resident owner and third generation local, Teppy Angermeyer. When our air-conditioning failed, he sought out a replacement blower fan that was “borrowed” from another hotel, installed after we left our room for dinner, and then he offered us a free drink for our inconvenience. Now, that’s service!

We decided to just rest and take it easy on our last day. Our room was very comfortable and while the others went out on a kayaking expedition, we just took a nap, enjoyed lunch in town with the group and began to unwind from the week of intense activity. We skipped the Darwin Center which was just down the street in town and the shops were still closed for the noon siesta, so we got in a water taxi and returned to the hotel. The other six in our group went off shopping and touring. The last of the shoppers arrived at 7PM just in time for the farewell dinner at our Angermeyer Waterfront Inn.

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