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This morning Bob came over to try to jump start my RV but to no avail. After several attempts, he suggested that I have a mobile mechanic come. I called Good Sam Emergency Road Service and they dispatched a mechanic from Fleet Maintenance of Texas. They paid for the service call but I had to pay for the labor and any parts needed. Luckily, I have my Ford manual.

The mechanic checked the oil, oil filter, fuses and other things. After all this, the engine still would not start. It wasn’t getting any oil pressure. He said that my oil was in bad condition and should be replaced with 5 W 20 oil. He said that it would be cheaper for me to hire a mobile service tech to do the oil and filter change and verify the oil pressure. Then, if there is still no oil pressure, I should not try to start the engine again but should have the RV towed to Fleet Maintenance. I would be able to stay overnight in the RV on their site. This little exercise cost me $211. Just what I needed after all my out-of-pocket medical expenses!!

Since I haven’t fully regained my strength after my back surgeries, I probably won’t have the RV towed to Fleet Maintenance until I’m much better. The situation won’t be made any worse if the RV sits for a while longer.

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