Anne & Tom's Turkey Adventure travel blog

View from our room

An ancient means of transportation

One of the many statues

We thought it was the Palace - but it is a shopping...

Outdoors is a favorite place to have a drink or a meal

The national monument

The palace

Top of the palace

Vermont comes to Amsterdam!


A lot of people lug their belongings from the Central Station

The beginning of the Red Light District

Happy weed smoking

Almost every street has a canal

Good place to lock up a bike

We passed him twice.

This beam is for lifting items into the building that are too...

We had a cheese tasting here


The cheese tasting group

Our leader

One of the cheeses

It is an award winner!

We were awarded this certificate

A wonderful day with more explorations including the Red Light District and other specialties of Amsterdam. The highlight was a cheese tasting with many Guda (defined by the size of the round).

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