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27th April, 2013

We arrived in Dubbo after that very "arduous" journey and proceeded 11kms out of town to a little reserved called Terramungamine. Nice quiet little place alongside the river and room for quite a few vans of varying sizes and types.

We plan on staying here for two nights, even thought the sign says you can only stay one, because we want to go to the Butchers is Gilgandra and he doesn't open on Sundays.

We had a nice relaxing time for the two days and on the first night there was standing room only, the place was wall to wall vans. The second night there was room for a couple more. Even though the place was packed it was very quiet even with a baby and a young child in the camp opposite, both very well behaved and Mum and Dad were doing a great job considering they only had a two man tent.

29th April, 2013

Arrived in Gilgandra and decided to sample the wares of the local bakery. Steak and Kidney pie with PLENTY of kidney, and Rob's pepper steak pie brought out the "water" under the eyes, just as we both like them. An added bonus was the music being played...all the old 60's rock and roll.

On to the butcher and $63 later we walked out with a host of meat that should last us for around two weeks. The quality of the meat still looks to be very good but I guess the proof will be in the eating and if anything like the meat we have had from there before it will be melt in the mouth type of meat.

On to Gulargambone - the home of windmills and the starting point of the Coo-ee March back at the beginning of the war.

Gular, as the locals call it, only has a population of around 590 and still not a busy metropolis but at least this time round they have a petrol and diesel bowser as well as the local hotel/motel, post office and burger shop.

We booked into the Gularbambone Caravan Park - which has a six galah rating lol - and we were the only ones there so were able to take up two sites each and not have to unhook the vans.

The park is still spotlessly clean as are the amenities, even though they are old, and the camp kitchen is still functioning and we look forward to tonights damper cooked by Graham and Pam, the owners.

Went for a walk around the town and called into the pub for a beer, the coldest beer I think I have ever had in any pub I've been in. Went down well.

Damper was a mixed affair of Hungarian Salami, olives, fresh cherry tomatoes, two types of cheese, chillies (not too many though) all served with a pineapple and mango chutney or plum and chilly chutney. All very tasty and no need for dinner that night for sure, we were all quite satisfied in the food department.

Graham brought out some of his Quandong Liqueur and Pam has published a Damper to Die for Cook Book which we purchased along with a bottle of "Galah Piss" (to the uninformed is Sav Blanc"). A major part of the proceeds of these sales goes to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

We have noticed over the past couple of days just how dry the terrain is and most of the creeks are dry. Pam told us that it is early March since they have had any rain at all. It must be such a hard life out here.

30th April, 2013

On the way to Lightning Ridge and noticed just outside Walgett that there is still some very large grain storage areas which are slowly being shipped out by road and rail.

Passing through Walgett I am pleased that we didn't have to stop. Unfortunately just the look of the place is enough to put you off - chain wire fences with spikes on the top, bars on all the shop fronts, roller shutter doors AND bars on the windows. Bit of a case of spot the white bloke too.

Arrived in Lightning Ridge and proceeded to the new van park on the outskirts of town. I had rung ahead a couple of days ago but as it turned out this wasn't the park I had booked. Soon fixed that with a phone call to the one I did book and payment for two days at the Opal Caravan Park where we will stay.

Poor Rob, things just aren't going well at the moment. The clutch is slipping in the truck, we couldn't get 5th gear along the way, (finally did though) the bike rack on the back of the van shook loose and the reversing camera has decided to only work when it feels like it.

He has some repairs to do and we just hope and pray that the gear box and/or clutch will get us to St. George, some 280ks from here, to have it seen too.

There isn't much in the way of service departments in The Ridge and if parts are needed then it could be quite a few days to have them shipped in. At least at St. George it is closer to the supply route.

1st May, 2013

Another nice day and winter in The Ridge is 30 degree days and 'FLYS'. Not all that bad really, at least it is a dry heat and more tolerable.

Did the washing and went into town for breakfast, a look around and some top up supplies.

Nothing much changes in The Ridge and ask the locals, what goes on in The Ridge STAYS in The Ridge so I'm not going to tell you any more, you will have to come and experience it for yourselves. This is my third and Rob's second time here so it can't be all that bad.

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