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Today's Route

Winnie at South 40 Camp Resort, Petersburg, VA

Red neck 4-wheeler

Entering NC on US1

US 401

I give this guy a ton of credit

Raleigh FD on a run

Early spring in NC

Winnie at Sleepy Bears

The sun came out as we travelled through NC today and we found what we were looking for warmer temperatures. It was in the mid-50's. NC is not too far from spring as the daffodils are blooming on the roadsides and trees are beginning to bud.

I forgot to buy coffee when we visited WalMart yesterday so there wasn't any for breakfast this morning. No problem, we're on the east coast and there's usually a Dunkin' Donuts on every corner so I typed "Dunkin Donuts" into the GPS and several came up. I picked one that looked like it was close to I95 and we headed off to get our morning coffee to have with our Krispy Kreme's (it is the south after all). After stopping for gas ($3.79/gal), the GPS directed us down a back road that offered no opportunities to turn around for more than 10 miles. As it turns out the Dunkin Donuts was at a truck stop off I85 about 15 miles west of I95. The coffee was still good.

Instead of following I85 which is really rough due to potholes and deteriorating concrete, we took US 1 and 401 through Raleigh-Duram and Fayetteville. The road was much better and more interesting.

We pulled into Sleepy Bears RV Park before dark.

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