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Ghostly trees along the highway

Cata - who - see??

Some of the I-95 traffic

Georgia, here we come!

The pier out into the marshes

A Georgia sunrise

And there are chickens here. They do get to wander around the...

Bob and Doug, a classmate from 1957

You can get to the beach here, unlike NJ where you don't...

The Ti at the beach access


Easy walking all the way

And here we are...Georgia's share of the Atlantic Ocean

Some neighbors at the campground

He loves his Mercedes engine!! It's a nice camper-for-two attached.

We've got birdies at our feeder!

Chip and Bonnie setting up their camper.

It's really nice and airy inside.

Chip and Bonnie on the boardwalk

I like it when my brother and Bonnie camp with us!


Hit the highway about 10:30 after bidding farewell to a really nice part of South Carolina. We're on our way to Woodbine, Georgia...a short trip on Route 17 then 140 miles on I-95.

Bob's back is still bothering him some but 4 Advils put the pain in abeyance for awhile so we figured now was the time to leave. We thought traffic on the northbound side of I-95 would be a bit congested with all the snowbirds (mostly Canadians) heading north but, my goodness, so was the traffic going south! Must be all those college kids going on spring break. There were times we weren't moving faster than 20 mph. Our 3-hour drive was stretched into 4 hours but the weather was good, the truck was running well, and the trailer was following right along so we were good.

Pulled into the Walkabout Camp and RV Park around 2:30 and got set up, met some people, then off to the seafood store that's right up the road where Bob got 2 porgies for dinner tonight. After grabbing my geocache-of-the-day right across the road from the store, we drove on down to Kingsland to see what was there. Lots of stores!! Actually, the road we went in on looked like "franchise alley". We'll be lacking for nothing while camped in this area.


Happy Easter, everyone. I hope this holiday signals a rebirth of all that's good for each of you.

Today was the Easter Potluck dinner at the clubhouse here and it was great! The campground provided the ham and some of the side dishes while campers brought salads, more side dishes (Bob made mac and cheese with tomatoes) and desserts. A good time was had by all.

Today is also the 5th anniversary of my lung surgery.


A drive to St. Mary's was on our agenda for today. A beautiful quaint little seaport town with little shops, many restaurants, and a beautiful cemetery (went for a geocache there).

The Oak Grove Cemetery - The Historic Oak Grove Cemetery was laid out in 1788 and draws visitors from all over the world, whether they are looking for ancestors, studying history or just looking for a tranquil walk to get away from the pressures of life.

Soldiers from all of our country's wars rest in peace under moss-wrapped oaks, azaleas and camellias. The tragedies and triumphs of lives lived in St. Marys are represented in the beautiful inscriptions engraved on the stones of yellow fever victims and those of the French Arcadians who were driven out of Nova Scotia in a horrendous fashion and have finally found a home here on the banks of the St. Marys River. Statesmen and craftsment, plantation owners and slaves, now all together, draw a picture of an earlier time when life was simpler and everyone knew their neighbors and considered them friends.

We finished off our visit to St. Mary's with a very good dinner at a little 7-table restaurant, Pauly's Cafe. It appears this restaurant only has one sitting and if you miss that, you're out of luck.


Today we decided to take a visit to at least the southbound Florida Welcome Center because there's a cache there and I needed to drop off a trucker's geocoin (all geocaching stuff). Bob went into the center while I searched for the cache and when he came out he told me they have good orange juice in there. I got myself a cup of it and it is good but I noticed it comes right out of a regular OJ container of Florida's Best. So on the way home, we got some of that and it also is very good.

While we were at the Welcome Center, a truck and fiver pulled into the parking space a few spaces up from us and lo and behold, it was another Titanium! I went over to talk to the people and they're from Canada and, contrary to all the other Canadians who are headed north this time of year, they're headed south for 2 weeks in Florida. We had a nice little chat (they love their Ti as much as we love ours) and then we continued on our way.

Talk about Small World!!! There was another camper here with PA tags so Bob went up to meet them and lo and behold, the guy was a classmate of his back in high school in Central Bucks!! Now what are the chances of that!?? They had a good time reminiscing about "the good old days" and comparing notes on what's happened since they were young and full of vim and vigor, LOL. It's really neat when we meet people from PA who either lived or worked from either of our hometowns or the Poconos but to meet someone you graduated with from high school, that's really a small world.


We are due to leave here tomorrow but Bob wants to go back to St. Mary's for a celebration they're having next weekend so we've signed up for 9 more days...which is sort of good 'cause it is sort of gray and rainy and I don't like traveling in the rain.


So today was a nice sunny day after a dreary gray day yesterday which means it's time to get in the truck and do some exploring. We did some geocaching and at one cache location, met Bill, an older gentleman who retired from the railroad where his job was to maintain the signals and the switches. He told us about the town of Folkston where there is a big rail yard so we decided to go see that. On the way, we stopped for lunch at Captain Stan's Smokehouse, a restaurant I found on my phone. Well, if this isn't a "most interesting" place, I don't know what is. We realized that we had passed it on the way to a cache and there were 50 or so motorcycles parked in front. We later found out they were having a cycle rally for cancer. Really neat. They had left by the time we got there so we ordered a half rack of ribs with Texas toast...and were they delicious!! Strange little restaurant but recommend it to anyone if you're ever in the area.

Left there and on to Folkston per Bill's advice. As we drove into town, we wondered why there were hundreds of people lined up along the railroad tracks. We figured someone important was coming to town so we found a place to park and joined into the gathering. Well, it seems today is the Folkston Railwatch Celebration where railroad buffs from all over the world gather in Folkston to take pictures of the trains going through. They call the area the Folkston Funnel and all of CSXT's trains moving to Florida or northward must pass through the Funnel.

CSX Transportation is a Class I railroad owns approximately 21,000 route miles and operates one of the three Class I railroads serving most of the East Coast, the other two being the Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) and Canadian Pacific Railway. This railroad also serves the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

There is a train watcher's platform equipped with a scanner tuned to CSXT's frequency and also has ceiling fans and lights and electric plus there's a picnic table and grill available for visitors. Flood lights shine on the tracks from each end of the platform for night viewing. Train watching is very big in this town and we noticed people writing down the engine numbers as the trains (5 freight/container trains and 2 passenger trains while we were there) pass through. The town supplied hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, baked beans, soup, and soda for free to all attendees and we had a really good time. It's neat when you just happen upon celebrations such as these...much like the balloon fest we "found" when we were in Creston, IA last September.


Chip and Bonnie are on their way to Florida to visit one of Chip's daughters and her family and they stopped by here for a couple of days enroute to their destination. Today the four of us went down to St. Mary's to see the Praise in the Park celebration. The music was good; the food was great!! We stayed about an hour then left Bob there while we did some geocaching and then back to the RV park. Picked Bob up a couple of hours later. Had a good time; got some sunburn. They're leaving tomorrow and we'll be moving on the next day. I do so enjoy it when we meet them along the way, though. Hope it happens many more times in the future.

By the way, if you'd like to see more pictures from Woodbine and St. Mary's, just click here. If there is a triangle next to the main album, click on that to see the sub-albums. Click on the first picture of an album to enlarge it then use the right and left arrows along the side of the picture to advance or go back.

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