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alhabra in ze background

jumping pic numero une

my artistic abilities on show


lauras bidet cake!

luce, till, jane, nitz/reuben and his housemates

tour with luce an til

after the game in granades

gals with babsy

view from alhambra

After a lovely dinner with our friends rose, alex and sophie, we woke up bright and early to catch a plane from Barcelona to Granada.

Granada is near the very south of Spain and in a mountain range. Was quite a nice temp when we got off but while we were there temp reached as high as 41 degrees at 6.30pm!!! I was literally dying!!!

Janes brother Reuben has been studing in Granada for the past 6 months so we were able to stay with him. He had 4 roommates, 3 italian gals (Micky, Francessca and Leonza) and 1 german (barbra aka babsy). they were great qual and it was so interesting to hear them all talking around the house in numerous different languages.

Soon after we arrived reuben took us on a walk up the albucyn hills, which is a hilly area built by the arabs back in the day. We arrived at a look out with a great view of the Alhambra.After quite a few 'candid' shots we walked to visit some of reubens friends a bit down the mountain. a german and an aussie, their house was right next to the alhambra and they were lovely.

After a quick stroll through the centre of town we booked our alhambra tix for lauras bday and bought some fresh fruit and bread from the markets. 3 loaves of sour dough bread was 1e.

That night happened to be germany v italy. bit of rivallry going on in reubens house and the girls all dressed up in their national colours. We watched it in a big pub and it was so crazy and loud, everyone was so into it! Italy won, so they would play spain in the final on sund 1st july.Went for tapas afterwards with rubens french friend giom. 1.8 euro for a drink and a tapas which was quite big. had thai chicken, vege salad etc.

The next morn we had fresh fruit and tostados for breakfast *lauras obsessed) its baguette with crushed tomato, olive oil and salt. quite tasty if i do say so myself. We hung around grands for a bit, then got a 1.30 bus to Neerja, a beach side town 1.5hrs away. It was so lovely! we spent the arfternoon there swimming, playing frisbee and jumping of rocks (love them jumping pics). Got back to granada around 9pm and reuben has some of his friends over, anne marrie (a/mez is the nickname we gave her...dont know if she was into it) and a german called larz. they were great qual and meant to come to the beach with us but missed the bus...

A-mez took great joy in writing a list of fun things for us to do when we are in paris and she is studying there atm. between euro disney and the rest of the activities we are going to be very busy! have rented an apartment in montmarte with a view of the sacrecoeur or however you spell it so that should be good!

Nitz and Lau went out with the gang that night but I had been sick with a cold so stayed home.

30th was lauras bidet! we woke up early and trecked up the hill to the alhambra! we had a great time there exploring the castle and the gardens and taking jumping pics, and posed candid shots! my legs were sooooo sore!

Lunch was back at home, just the usual roll with salad. had a game of up and down the river then laura had a `siesta`. nitz and i quickly took the opourtunity to duck out in search of a cake for our pal, was harder than we anticipated as most of the shops are closed between 2-5pm for their siestas. we eventually found a disney themed one in a bakery near reubens. we gave laura a euro disney ticket which we will do one day in paris! For dinner we trecked up the mountain once again to a nice restaurant for lauras bidet. we had some paella and a sangria!

Going out for dinner is a process in spain. They do everything they can to get you in, then make you wait about 20mins before you order, 30 mins for entre and upto an hour for main course!!! obviously not in a hurry! There was a flameco player in the square and the owner kept on dancing to the beats, we just wanted our food! anyway it was lovely in the end.

Our last day in Granada was so much fun! Laura and I went for a bit of a look in the shops in the morning, Zara HnM etc. DidnĀ“t buy anything because the sales had just started and it was hectic as! clothes all over the joint! We met Nitz and went to pizza metro and ordered a 1m pizza!!!! it was massive and almost needed 2 people to carry it! Polished that off nice and quickly and it was delicious!

Unbeknownst to us, Till and Lucy had arrived in granada that morning! Lucy popped round for a game of cards before we went and met till. We showed them all our favourite places around town, where to get 1e icecream, 3 loaves of bread for 1e etc.

It was euro cup grand final this night so we met with reuben with his italian friends and watched the game from a tapas bar! Every drink you order you get a free tapas, and the tapas is like a whole meal it is crazy!!! so cheap! 2e for a big feed!

Once the game was finished we went outside and it was insane! cars everywhere people out the windows, flags everywhere, horns going off....yes we were defs in spain!

A man had a sign outside his shop saying free kebabs if spain won. the line was massive!

We would have loved to stay for one more night in granada, as we were having such a blast with everyone, but unfortunatley we had to say our goodbyes and leave on the 12.30am nightbus to madrid! we arrive in madrid at 5.30am and the streets were still going crazy! people drunk everywhere celebrating the win!got on the busabout bus at 8am and arrived in san sebastian at 5pm last night. so far so good!

Granada turned out to be so much better than I was expecting! We had so much fun there but looking forward to the rest of the trip.

Love to all xo

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