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Took the Ferry, along with a big school group of middle schoolers from Grand Rapids and a LOT of Win Some Women (a Christian group). Colden was the only dog and a big hit with the kids. He just snuggled in under the seat and enjoyed the top deck for the 1/2 hr crossing to Mackinac Island. (We learned that it's still pronounced Mackinaw-English pronunciation, French spelling).

Gorgeous day, 69 degrees and sunny. What a beautiful island! Fantastic Victorian houses, Lake Huron, a historic fort and nothing but horse drawn vehicles and bicycles as transportation. Took a walk around town with Colden then learned that he was welcome on the horse drawn tour carriages. So after lunch, we all got on the first of two carriage rides and toured much of what we'd already seen. Drawn by Belgian draft horses who winter on the UP of Michigan, they're just getting back into service for the season. They've only been back working for 3 weeks. It was obvious that they're well cared for and well loved animals. The horses were introduced to us by their drivers and really part of the family of the driver.

Colden wasn't love with the horses which proved interesting for walking around the town. Eventually he gave up barking at them and accepted that they were going to be part of his day. In the tour wagon we were given the back seat on which Colden sat like royalty. He settled in, falling asleep and missing most of the presentation.

A fantastic day, glorious day, Colden worn out from all of the attention.

Had a supper of Walleye and perch at a Darrow's in Mackinaw City, yum!! After watching Person of Interest finale,hit the sack and crashed like Colden.

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