Alaska, the Last Frontier - Summer 2012 travel blog

Cold and wet Alaska weather has come to the midwest. When we arrived at HWH the manufacturer of our jacks, the jacks were working perfectly. We were grateful that the technician did not think we were lunatics. He consulted with the engineer - that's why we came to the factory - and quickly determined that one of the switches had become quirky and replaced it and another just in case. He billed us for half an hour of work to install them and we were on our way.

Speedco, the Jiffy Lube of the truck world, was a short drive down the road. A bay was open and we were in and out quickly full of clean oil. This is one of the few places where our motor home seems small. We only needed 28 quarts of oil and the rig next to us took 60. We have driven 10,000 miles this summer and this was the only stop we had to make for an oil change - something that I really like about driving diesel.

We got a telephone call from Camping World, where the tech did not attach the drain hose of our new washer/dryer and the water which poured out broke the new machine and soaked Ken's shoe closet and the surrounding carpet. He has agree to pay for our gas to drive to the Camping World closest to our house, a 130 mile round trip, and the replacement of another new washer/dryer. We're still upset, but this was the best we could hope for.

We are camped on the shore of the Mississippi River about two hours from home at an Army Corps of Engineers campground - $9/night for geezers. Going all the way home was doable but it's much easier to dry out the carpeting with the bedroom slide out and the heater and fan running. Once we get home, we can only park there for 24 hours. If we don't get this floor totally dry, mildew and warped floor boards will result.

More importantly this will give Ken a chance to watch the Bears game. I do not enjoy watching this boring, barbaric sport, made even more so with recent evidence that the players often suffer permanent brain injury. But Ken has driven almost 2,000 miles in the last week and if he wants to watch da Bears, that's exactly what he should do.

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