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local school.s entrance

Saxa Bank. Ashleys workplace.

Internal bank

Bear Market

Bull Market

Nothing is impossible

Stretched to the limit

Taking the plunge

stretched to the limit

internal lift and staircase

looking from the centre out

Saxo Bank

And another

Today was walking; my favourite routes around here. Loved the Art on the local schools entrance.

Then more talking, this time with Karin, about her work. She is starting an independent business working with organisations to improve the culture of their workplace and improving the management processes to fit with their ideals.

Then seeing Ashley's work place - mind blowing- and going into the city to stroll down Stroget the mile long mall; then to dinner in a Mexican restaurant.

Check out the bank. Inside, outside ,and its Art collections are all mind blowing

And inside the bank

The interior Art/decor has the 'to be expected' Danish furniture which would have had Jenny drooling. Then for the 'art' after straightforward stuff like a gold bike(they sponsor a Tour de France team) and some racing cars (I think the owner just likes fast cars!)there were the more symbolic sculptures and 3 stuffed animals- also with symbolic meanings for investors

these were the taxidermied ones

Then there was the more symbolic stuff

or should it be "taking a dive" don't know my investment jargon too well! This photo shows the context a little better

And then there are the large and small dinosaurs..which of course we'll never be? and the spaceman which I assume is 'reach for the stars' and more. As well as Art on every solid wall. Could have wandered around in there for hours. Everything, even the way the computers were set up was different. All very aesthetic. Lots of meeting rooms with glass walls. But we also went up to the 'secret' meeting rooms. Decor very 70's. the passage had lights that the 70's oil lamps. It was fairly dark compared to the very bright elsewhere. These rooms were private and secluded; no one could see in or eavesdrop here!

Onto the city: for those who remember Stroget, the very long mall (longest in Europe) it was as usual very busy and the end near the canals particularly so. Would have been a push to get a seat on the canal tours today! At the Tivoli end there is major construction work going on. They are putting the railway underground and extending it to more suburbs. There is now an archaeological dig going on in parts of the site as they've unearthed all sorts of interesting things from the stone age; the vikings and on through to and including World War 11. It was all very interesting.

SO far the temperatures are manageable and no rain around. But it was nice to get into a cosy restaurant. There were bill boards up with some of the area's history as well as about the archaeological findings, which had lots of interested readers. I'm sure by next visit there will be an interesting display somewhere in the city.

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