ARGENTINA ~~ Iguazu Falls, Patagonia (inc. Chile) & Mendoza ~~ January, 2013 travel blog

Los cuatros amigos- day 2

Devils Throat

Conejita, doing what she loves!


Boat ride

Conejita y Miguel





Today we walked through Iguazu Falls, starting with el tren to the Devils Throat area. Three rivers join khere & form gigantic rushing waterfalls. We walked on the bridges & overlooks, marveling at the view and enjoying being misted by the spray ! It was very hot & humid(about 95 degrees)We then took the train back down to Lower trail areas & had a cerveza . We had fun watching the VERY many coatis, raccoon-like animal which is extremely populous in the park. Visitors are warned to be careful because they will take any food even "remotely" available to them. We watched as one jumped up and "attacked" a plastic bag,filled with several snacks, which was carried by a young woman walking by. In just seconds, it ripped open the bag & ran off with a bag of M&Ms!!

We walked some more along the lower trail, then bought our tickets for the boat ride UNDER the falls. Pancho y Margarita had done this before & told Conejita y Miguel we had to do it. We had planned that this would be a fantastic way to end our HOT walk in the park. It was quite a steep walk down the trail & stairs to the boat launch area. We ended up totally drenched ! It felt great & was loads of fun. But, of course, a steep walk down means a steep walk back up! We finally made it back to the top & found our way back to the Sheraton. We found a table by the pool that was in the shade. Enjoyed a couple sandwiches & drinks before heading back to our rooms to clean up & relax a bit before dinner. Margarita went back to the pool for a dip. We met for dinner, then called it a day. Packed our bags for our long travel day on Sunday to El Calafate - the beginning of our Patagonia experience!

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