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Glad I had those exhaust brakes installed!

As far as the eye can see

And then there were the grass plains

Beautiful artwork...but what a waste of talent.

Our campsite at Viking RV Park

What IS this strange stuff under my feet?

OTRA –Kingsburg CA (7/18/12)

Since we didn’t have far to drive today, we just sort of took it easy and finally got on the road by 12:15. Our route took us past part of the mountain that was burned by the forest fire we saw yesterday. It was so sad…all the Joshua trees burnt, the ground full of ash, just so devastated looking. The fire crews were there, cleaning up the still smoldering ground. According to the newspapers, over 1700 acres burned but, although numerous houses were threatened, none were lost. That’s good.

Other than that, the mountains were absolutely gorgeous! We were only at about 4500’ but there were mountains all around us with peaks and valleys intertwined. As we came down out of the mountains, I was sure glad I had those exhaust brakes installed. I didn’t have to touch the brake pedal at all on the long downhill grades and our speed held pretty steady at 50 mph.

The mountains eventually gave way to acres and acres and acres of cultivated fields with a predominance of vineyards (wine country?) and fruit trees. We even saw a couple of dippy-duck oil wells.

After the nice highways in Nevada and the beginning of California, we were very surprised once we turned north on CA-99. I thought we were back in Pennsylvania, the highway was so bad!! I believe 99 is the main north/south route other than I-5 and there is a lot of truck traffic which probably helps add to the poor condition of the road. I was so glad when we finally got to the campground!

We pulled into the Viking RV Park in Kingsburg CA around 3:15. Green grass, trees…nice little park right off 99 with a railroad on behind us so we do have some noise. The highway noise sort of blends right in but there’s a train crossing right up the road so the train whistle sort of blasts you out of your seat…but heck, after the jets at Nellis AFB, we can handle anything. We’re only here for one night and then it’s on to the campground where we’ll be staying while visiting Yosemite. I just checked and that’s only about 2 hours from here so it’ll be another easy drive…if you don’t count the 55 miles we’ll be on 99!

Kingsburg, CA is just south of Selma, CA and Selma CA is the official Raisin Capital of the World. There’s a bit of info for you. I guess that’s why we see so many vineyards. Sun-Maid has a plant here, too.

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