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Cadell Ferry

Shoreline Van Park Port Augusta

Day 4

Started out a glorious day, set out early to cross the Murray on the “Saved” Cadell Ferry then on thru Morgan and along the pipeline for a while. We were heading for Wilmington and I had words with Giles who insisted that up thru Terowie and Peterborough was the best way to go. I should have known better than to follow a synthetic pom…. But it turned out all good, second visit to Peterborough in 12 months, Gracie waved to Bob the railway dog….

We got to Wilmington after braving gale force headwinds across the flats around lunchtime and there being nothing much happening there decided to push on the extra 42km to Port Augusta where at least there are some signs of life. We bought just enough fruit and veg to last a few days till we get the through going over at Border Village.

Giles and I nearly came to blows at Wilmington he was really quite upset that I skipped an intermediate destination, he will have a coronary tomorrow when he discovers that we are driving straight to Ceduna and not stopping at Wudinna (the town famous for having 998 residents and missing out on the NBN as a town needs 1000 before it will be connected).

Made an interesting discovery at Port Augusta Wharf. The wharf has been “restored” and is now a tourist precinct and embedded in the wharf are the original rail lines (5’3”)…. Ok so what? Well the surviving railway lines actually have a double crossover with 4, yes 4, single bladed 5’3” points in them. Oh well I was impressed I’ve never seen single bladed railway points, I should have walked the 1Km back to the car and got the camera; taken some pics and walked back to the car, but I didn’t, we went back to the van and had afternoon tea with Giles bleating about us skipping an intermediate destination “Are you certain you wish to skip this intermediate destination”

We have just heard that Justin has been deported from China for incorrect visa possession and will be home on Friday. He only got one day in Peking.

Stopping at Ceduna for a few days for some R&R before attempting to cross the Nullarbor ……

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