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Apparently no one swims in this river. I wonder why?


Sloth just hanging around

Jesus Lizard


howler monkey


Up close and personal with a caiman

spider monkey


black river turtle



Air drying his feathers


Feb. 28

Gloria treated us to great breakfast complete with rice and beans and we were on our way to Limon where we stopped at a grocery store and ATM. I love grocery stores other than my regular ones. It's great fun to wander and see what people eat. Sometimes we even pick up something weird and try it. Todays adventure was coconut water as Bari says it's good for you and some different chips. Coconut water is okay and the chips....definitely not lays.

Arriving in Moin we unloaded our gear into a boat and traveled up the Moin River, through canals, the Pacuare River and a few others I can't remember. The canals were built by the Americans (using slaves when the Chinese died of malaria) so they could take all the lumber from the rain forest. It's now a National park but the canals remain connecting all the rivers. Although it started raining we still saw lots of wildlfe including howler monkeys, sloths, many egrets, herons and other birds, a huge crocodile Green and Jesus Christ lizards (so named as they walk on water)

4.5 hours later we arrived at the Bualla jungle lodge, situated on an island in the river which brings back memories of the Amazon jungle. Sitting in our room all you hear are the sounds of wildlife. That does have it's draw backs as there's always the danger of snakes and weird bugs :)

I immediately set out to explore the place and then, when the sun finally came out, came back, changed into swimming things and spent the next couple hours relaxing by the pool. We ARE on vacation!

Feb 29. Happy Leap Day! Apparently today is Wednesday. Who knew?

After a great breakfast we hopped in a boat to cross the river and meet our guides for the day. Next we climbed into pangas which are like canoes but larger and carved out of balsa wood. For the most part the men paddled. Some of the girls did for a while. Not me. I was too busy taking photos. We left the river and paddled through the canals where motorboats are not allowed. It was calm and peaceful and very thick with vegetation. Our guide said he's seen two jaguars in the 9 years he's been working in Tortuguero. We weren't so lucky but we did get to see lots of spider monkeys which was a treat as they're very shy. They're really quick too so getting photos was very difficult. There were lots of different birds and lizards and we got so close to a caiman (croc like creature) that I could have touched him but I'm not THAT brave. lol

3 hours later we were back in Tortuguero town which took us about 30 minutes to see. Unfortunately it's not turtle season so we just checked out the black sandy beach where they nest.

Back at the resort and a quick change and I jumped in the pool. We spent the next couple hours reading chatting and relaxing. We had to enjoy happy hour and two for one drinks and then back in the boat to enjoy a "traditional" dinner.

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