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We got the public bus to Playa Hermosa, which took just over an hour and went through some of the local villages. The bus was very full, as it was a public holiday and the locals were heading to the beach for the day, complete with picnics and barbeques.

We got off the bus and stopped at the first restuarant we came across as we were starving. I introduced mum to cerviche (raw fish) in lime juice whilst I had my first casado (rice, beans, salad and plantains). We then headed down the hill towards the beach to Iguana Inn. We were a bit dissapointed on arrival, as it seemed very basic, but it was a bit of a shock going from the Hilton to budget accommodation and was actually not a bad place to stay.

We spent the day at the beach, I had a swim in the sea and then I booked my dive trip for the next day with Costa Rica Diving Safaris.

We had cocktails at the Aqua Sport bar and watched the sun set and then went to Pescado Loco (crazy fish) restaurant to eat. The reastaurant owner was a bit loco himself and we were both tired so didn't eat much so I had a very early night ready for y diving trip the next morning. I warned mum before going to bed that howler monkeys make a lot of noise and not to be worried if she heard strange noises in the night. At about 4am we were woken up by a pack of howler monkeys right outside our room, mum couldn't belive the noise they made, they are not big monkeys but sound like gorillas! The birds then started up (we were staying in a wooden hut with mesh windows) so didn't get back to sleep but sat on the balcony and watched the wildlife right outside our room.

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