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Although we had rain last night, the cloud ceiling was high enough to permit the Blue Angels to practice today. It felt like they were strafing our campsite as we packed up to leave. Their formations are so unbelievably tight. I hope we get a chance to see them again. After the horrible tornadoes did so much damage to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area yesterday hurling motor homes like ours through the sky, we were alarmed to see huge red and orange blobs on the weather radar just west of Pensacola. It appeared to be remnants of that Texas storm cluster. But as we drove north the sky got brighter and bluer and it was another fine summer day.

We had a long drive ahead and we always hope that it will be uneventful. But we had a bit of a technology rebellion today. Since the gauges that came with our motor home do not allow Ken to monitor engine performance in enough detail, he runs an additional piece of software on a Windows machine that sits between us as he drives. It kept shutting down and when we checked if it was getting power, the charging mechanism came apart and shorted out the dashboard cigarette lighters. No tire pressure monitor, no GPS and no radio. I was able to get the iPad GPS going, but we drove in boring silence until we came to a rest area and a quick fuse replacement brought the dashboard plug back to life. The Windows machine and tire pressure monitor are still kaput.

As the temperatures continued to rise, it became clear that the A/C is not working properly. Since our next stop is at the motor home repair facility, we can add that little issue to the check list.

We are camped in downtown Nashville at the fairgrounds on pavement with water, electric and sewer. No one has stopped by to collect any $$$, so this may end up being an affordable and quick stop right off the expressway. We have camped in other fairgrounds and they tend to reek of manure and be dusty and dirty, but this centrally located spot feels quite urban and civilized.

Here's hoping that tomorrow will be boring...

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