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Neat lizard!

Norma, Danny, James, Lily & Remy saw us off this morning

Barn & wildflowers

There was water in this lake last year

Lovely spring green amidst the black left by the wild fire

Not used to seeing these hills so green

Wild flowers on the hills

The north side hills aren't green - but still beautiful

See the sheep?

Oil pumpers outside Maricopa

Citrus trees covered in net - or not

Berry bushes

Citrus & oil

The citrus trees were in bloom

Nut trees

Drilling an oil well

Table grape vineyard

California poppies blooming on the hillsides

View into the Central Valley

The Tehachapi Loop (train looping around steep area) & a tunnel

Tehachapi Pass is covered in wind machines

And Joshua Trees on the other side

Pretty desert views

An artist obviously lives here

Desert mountains


Historic Route 66 business that are hanging on

Including the rv park where we're spending the night

We pulled out of Norma & Danny's somewhere around 9:15 this morning. The weather was beautiful - not too much wind. It was in the 80s as we passed by Bakersfield. We stopped in Tehachapi for fuel & a snack. Made it thru the Mojave Desert & Barstow with very little wind.

Driving across the coastal range & the Central Valley are always interesting. So much agriculture & oil pumping/drilling to see thru that area. And since the big rains we had in March, the hills are a brilliant green.

We stopped for the night at the same Route 66 RV park we stayed at on our way into California in January - Newberry Mountain RV Park. It looks like it could have been here when Route 66 was the only highway thru here - but it provides all the services we need & it's an easy off & on I40.

Winds are forecast to pick up tomorrow afternoon so we're planning to be up & out early so we can get to Parker, AZ before noon. More later...

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