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It has been a while since sitting down to write the diary. We have not done a lot of touristy stuff yet, getting everything else sorted had taken a bit of time.

On Thursday we spent the afternoon with Cristan catching up. He had a bit of an issue with new bosses where he worked, didn’t like the appraisals he had to do on his staff (neither did the staff). Some were happy just were they were at, like the gardener for instance, but apparently they were all supposed to have aspirations for the top job, and when Cristan didn’t push that part of it the boss got upset, so he walked.

We said he hadn’t been in contact and not replied to Gaynor’s phone messages, but he doesn’t bother checking them, figures people will ring him back. To get him he has to answer the phone, and to do that he needs to be near it, and have it charged!

The bank debit cards arrived quickly, and armed with the letter from the bank we could now register with the medical centre. They are really, really fussy about being in the right area, but it is done now and we are in the system. Tony’s National Insurance application arrived at the weekend, but Cynthea’s is still on the way… we hope it will be here soon.

The weather this last week has been very mixed, a few days ago it was really hot (Tony mowed the lawns), but the last couple of days it has been rubbish. Cynthea used Lloyd’s clippers to cut Tony’s hair, but decided he shouldn’t return the favour, and went to the hairdressers instead. £30 for a straightforward cut, he should have given it a go!

Lloyd and Tina have taken us out a couple of nights for a drive. We went into “town” to see London by night, it was very pretty seeing all the sights – St Paul’s, Tower Bridge, Westminster Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, and Harrods, all lit up. We walked across the Millennium Bridge (nick named the Wibbly Wobbly Bridge because when it was opened it shook too much and they had to close it again for strengthening). Shame the camera isn’t up to good night shots. We also went up Addington Hill, not far from here. We had a great view out over London, it was a little bit misty, but great all the same. The foxes were in the bush below us making a hell of a racket. We haven’t heard anything like it, we were surprised that they don’t bark, they sound more like someone is committing blue murder.

They are cheeky buggers, these foxes in the park behind the house, and they visit regularly. Tony has seen them a few times (the other night two of them were having a go at a fox terrier… or was that the other way around?). Then today we were sitting in the lounge and Tony looked up to see a fox looking back, just standing there on the patio!

We have been accepted at an organic farm near Edinburgh for two weeks, so will head up that way on Saturday.

Still a few things to sort out here, will get to play the tourist another time. Maybe this afternoon or tomorrow we will get a bit of a chance to see some sights when we go into the agency.

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