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The bridge connecting Canada and US: Peace Bridge they call it

Niagra Fall, NY

Niagra Falls, Canada



Kathleen tried to walk on water

Cliffton Hill: Because teh falls would be ugly in its natural state...

I touched the water, got frost bite, kicked myself for agreeing to...

Eternal Heros

I walked to Canada

Canada. Nice, sweet, tame Canada. Canada is like that guy you know - the one who always remembers your birthday and knows your favorite chocolate. The one that you know will do anything to make you happy but, is like a little brother to you, because he brings no excitement and you'd rather cry than be bored. Canada is someplace you should see but its not a have to see. Unless you like timidity, reliability and friendly people - I would easily go there as a senior citizen but my youth? My youth is reserved for SE Asia and South America (also the future father of my children is in South America so I have to go there first!)

Must See: 3/5 because, if you can block out the noises from Cliffton Hill and shiny neon lights from the Casino, the Falls is beautiful any season of the year!

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