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Winnie at Airborne & Special Operations Museum

The Airborne Soldier

Tributes to Airbone & Special Ops soldiers

Modern Special Ops paratroop

WWII Italian Paratrooper motorscooter

Paratroopers in Normandy on D-Day

Screaming Eagles fighting in the hedgerows of Normandy


Colonel McAuliff answering the German demand for surrender at the Bulge

Arriving at an LZ in a Huey

I think the Army knows the truth about the GWOT - The...

Iraqui Republican Guard "DarthVader" Helmet

Afghan Hut

When I stopped for gas this morning, I noticed that my front tires were worn down along the inner edge. The tread was completely gone on the driver's side tire. Looks like an alignment problem. I can't believe it because I've been "anal" about tire pressure since we started traveling so I don't ruin a tire. The tires are worn enough that the alignment has been off for quite some time. I just bought them in May 2010. Winnie doesn't pull to either side and steers fine. There weren't any symptoms that there was a problem. I'm lucky I looked under Winnie at the gas station or I could have had a blowout if I let it go much longer.

While in Fayetteville to get the tires replaced, I visited the Airborne and Special Operations Museum. A great museum as you will see from some of the pictures. It's worth the side trip if you are headed north or south on I95. There are a couple of other museums at Fort Bragg, 82nd Airborne and JFK Special Forces Museums, that I won't get time to visit this trip.

During WWII, Fort Bragg was also an artillery training base. My Dad took at least basic training at Fort Bragg in 1942 as he was in an artillery unit. I'm trying to research the history of his unit and plan to stop at the National Archives on the return trip.

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