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The highway disappears in the distance

Just a funny road name along the way

A field of wind turbines

And closer to the highway

A "dippy-duck" oil well

Fina oil refinery

An empty cotton bale truck

A "wild catter" oil rig

More oil rigs

A train of containers

The Ti at Monahans Sandhills State Park

Our campsite at Monahans Sandhills State Park

Sand dunes all around

Almost all alone here

Lots of birdy footprints

A blue dune plant

Dune walkers

I don’t know. No matter how early we get up and no matter how much or how little we have to do to get ready (we didn’t even unhook last night), we always end up leaving between 10:00 and 10:30. Today it was 10:15.

More nice smooth roads (most of the way) on our way to Monahans, TX. Saw many hundreds of wind turbines between Abilene and Monahans…all along the plateaus. Lots of cotton fields, many with the bales still in them either waiting for transport to the gin or waiting until the market prices improves. Lot of oil wells…not the big ones I picture in my mind but the little “dippy duck” kind…in people’s backyards, in the middle of cotton fields, in the middle of nowhere. And we passed through a lot of “nowhere” today, for sure.

Arrived at Monahans Sandhills State Park around 2:00. It really is neat! Sand dunes all over the place. We watched some kids trying to "sled" down the dunes but it didn't work as well as they expected, I don't think. It's really nice and quiet and very dark...saw lots of stars tonight.

Bob got some beautiful pictures when he went out for a walk over the dunes this afternoon. We both went for a walk with Taco this evening but stayed on the pavement. Saw lots of little birdy footprints all along the roadways; other footprints, too, but not sure what they were. Of course, there were lots of human footprints, too, LOL.

I’m not overly pleased with our campsite, though, because it’s really not large (wide) enough for our RV. It will do for one night, though.

One disappointing thing I’ve found out….we’re only at about 2750 feet in altitude here but my O2 saturation level isn’t staying where it should be so if I want to walk around outside or anything, I’m should wear my O2. Our next two stops (Sierra Blanca, TX and Deming, NM) will both be about 4500’ so I’ll not be doing much of anything. After those 2 stops, though, we start heading out of the hills and we’ll be less than 1000’ in San Dimas (where we’ll be staying during the Rose Parade). My main problem is that I don’t feel any different at these altitudes so, unless I’m carrying my pulse oximeter, I wouldn’t thing anything was wrong. I found my sats dropped to 85 while we were out just strolling along on fairly level paved roadway.

Bob just came in from taking Taco for his night walk and he said there are a lot of stars out there tonight…and the moon is almost full. Looking out the windows, all the sand looks like snow…which I’m glad it isn’t!

TOTAL MILES: 266.1 TOTAL TIME: 3:45 with a 15-minute gas break

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