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Pine Mountain, GA - Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park - Site 104

Pine Mountain, GA - Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park - Site 104,...

Pine Mountain, GA - Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park - Site 104,...

Pine Mountain, GA - Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park - Site 104,...

It's almost Turkey Day

Red Bay, AL to Pine Mountain, GA 0 - our route -...

Red Bay, AL to Pine Mountain, GA 1

Red Bay, AL to Pine Mountain, GA 2

Red Bay, AL to Pine Mountain, GA 3

Red Bay, AL to Pine Mountain, GA 4 - downtown Pine Mountain

Red Bay, AL to Pine Mountain, GA 5

Red Bay, AL to Pine Mountain, GA 6

Callaway Garden Light Festival 1

Callaway Garden Light Festival 2

Callaway Garden Light Festival 3

Callaway Garden Light Festival 4

Callaway Garden Light Festival 5

Callaway Garden Light Festival 6

Callaway Garden Light Festival 7

Callaway Garden Light Festival 8

Callaway Garden Light Festival 9

Callaway Garden Light Festival 10

Callaway Garden Light Festival 11

Callaway Garden Light Festival 12

Callaway Garden Light Festival 13

Callaway Garden Light Festival

Little White House 1

Little White House 2

Little White House 3

Little White House 4

Little White House 5

Little White House 6

Little White House 7

Little White House 8

Little White House 9

Little White House 10

Little White House 11

Little White House 12

Little White House 13

Little White House 14

Little White House 15

Little White House 16

Little White House 17

Little White House 18

Little White House 19

Sorry I am posting this so late but it has been hectic!!

It was a stressful 270 mile trip from Red Bay, AL to FDR State Park just outside Pine Mountain, GA. We started off with a 7:00 a.m. appointment at the service center to get a hydraulic leak repaired and were checked out and off on our trip by about 8:30 a.m. The rain had been steady all night and continued raining hard as we got underway - it's always fun to get the Mothership and Libby hooked up in the rain. The rain slacked off a bit after we got about 50 miles south of Red Bay but then picked up again as we were heading through Birmingham. Miles of construction and traffic through Birmingham was not one of my favorite things to contend with while in a downpour. It continued to rain until after we were set up at the state park. Due to the rain there were not many pictures of the trip.

We have a great camp site just off the lake with 30 amps and water. After a little maneuvering of the Mothership we were able to get the satellite locked on through the trees and we have good Verizon. As you can see from the site pictures the leaves have all turned here and many have fallen and are still falling.

Friday we went into LaGrange to get what groceries we needed for the stay and Thanksgiving dinner. Saturday we drove to the airport in Atlanta and picked up Michelle. It was really good to see her again. It's hard to believe we have been gone almost eight months!

Saturday and Sunday was spent with football again and then Monday evening we went to the Callaway Gardens Festival of Lights. It was good but we had been spoiled by the one in James County Park in Charleston, SC last year which was much better. The one at Callaway Gardens was also 100% secular with no Christian themed lights at all which really surprised us, perhaps they forgot why we have a CHRISTmas.

We had a great Thanksgiving meal on Thursday and ate way to much but it was so very good. And we again watched a lot of football.

Friday, Doris and Michelle journeyed over to the nearby Warm Springs, GA for a little shopping and also to the Little White House where they enjoyed a little history.

Saturday, Nov 26, we came back home to Florida a day early to escape the forecast rain and holiday traffic expected on Sunday. I will get our expenses tabulated and hopefully get them posted before year-end. It has really been busy since we arrived home - a lot needs taken care of when you have been gone eight months.

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