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on the ferry to France

Dieppe cliffs and chateau

kiri on the beach dieppe

Memorial monument to Canadian soldiers on the beach of Dieppe

dieppe coucher de soleil

Nous sommes en France!!! in a lovely seaside hotel in Dieppe. We arrived from England by ferry yesterday. (Thankfully a smooth sailing.)

It's a fantastically sunny warm day here; Kirianne and I just spent the last couple hours on the beach! (not actually swimming, since K has a cold and it seems a bit foolhardy to immerse oneself in the English Channel in mid October, don't you think?)

Anyway, I was lying on the cobbles (it isn't a sandy beach but rather smooth stones, average size of ping pong to tennis balls - murder on the feet to walk on!) which were warmed by the sun, thinking of the thousand Canadian soldiers who were left dead here in 1942, and remembered that it is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. I felt/feel extremely blessed and grateful.

We DO like Dieppe. It certainly helps to arrive in sunny, unseasonably warm weather! Also, they are so accustomed to English tourists, our squeaky french isn't too troublesome. We are trying, though, and to their credit, people don't automatically switch to english.

We hope to shift tomorrow to a youth hostel in Eu (on the grounds of a palace!) and stay more cheaply for a few days and spend more time on the computer trying to find a WWOOFer host who will take us in.

We will go now to find a place to eat dinner before the cafes and bistros get too crowded. It was pathetically funny yesterday: Kiri and I standing outside various restaurants, trying to decipher the menu... Kirianne admits now that the french she has learned in school didn't prepare her to figure out what to eat! We found a list of names for several dozen species of fish in a Dieppe tourist brochure - that should help us tonight!

A bientot! Happy Thanksgiving, Tasha and Kirianne!

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