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This was Aunt Hulda in 2008 when we visited her. She was...

This is the untouched end of the garden just so you can...

Here is the other end all planted. Can't wait for the leaves...

This is what the desert willow looked like when we got back...

After I trimmed up the leaves and trimmed off one branch.

Now it is braided and tied. I also clipped the tops of...

Our blog today will be dedicated to Ron’s Aunt Hulda. She was his mother’s sister and passed away Friday at the age of 98. I bet those two sisters are just having a great visit. The fog has lifted from their minds, the eyes and ears work again and they have so much to catch up. We miss them both but celebrate their life. So this means that both Ron and I are the oldest generation in our families. Therefore, the torch has been passed.

Most of this week has been cleaning out and moving into the Cardinal (big RV). While it was relatively empty (we had moved a lot of stuff over to the little RV for the summer trip) it was easier to toss what we hadn’t worn or used for the last year. I kept a few things but so far I have one huge garbage bag and two bags for donations. But the closet is really well organized now.

This morning I hit the storage under the dinette benches and got that all cleaned out. I was able to move one box to the shed but the rest is empty. I still have a lot to do – but it is coming along.

I didn’t ignore the outside either. On Thursday I made a veggie garden. I have broccoli plants and seed, mixed lettuce, spinach and garlic planted. I didn’t have a lot of seeds so I just prepared ½ of the bed. I will use the rest of it for a compost area – burying any kitchen garbage as we go. By next spring it should be full of organic matter.

On Saturday, I decided to groom the desert willow. It had grown from knee high (check out the pictures in the first entry of this journal) when we left in May to over 10 ft tall. I removed all the small branches and leaves up about 6 ft. Then I cut off one sprout and braided the remaining 3. I wound a piece of fabric around them to hold them together. I think it will be cool. Before they were just waving in the wind – now it is much stiffer. I will probably stake it next week as it has quite a bend in it.

While I have been doing this – Ron has been very busy arranging his shed and cleaning out the truck. It just needs a good vacuum of the inside and a wash and it will be ready to show. We picked up some For Sale signs last Wed. and I have them in the windows. I think I will have to move them to the outside, however, as the tinted windows don’t let you see the signs until you are just a foot or so from the truck.

Some negotiations are going on about new rigs. I hope to be able to tell you more by next week.

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