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Walking To MonoPrix

Our Front Door

27th of September

We arrived at our new apartment in Paris on the rue du for, on the left bank trying to keep our eyes open. We were excited but tired and we decided to having a quiet day. We went to the nearby Supermarket Monoprix to buy minor supplies for breakfast. We ate then went back out into the busy Paris streets to a small shop to pick up museum tickets and and train/metro tickets for the next couple of days. We went to the major Supermarket to buy supplies for dinner. There was a huge range of food but we decided to go with ravioli with italian tomato sauce. For dessert we had Rich chocolate mousse with Sweet strawberries. It was a long walk and shop so it took up about 3hrs of the day. We got home after our walk and mum put the ravioli on while the rest of us sat on the sofa wanting to go to sleep. We ate had dessert and went straight to bed no questions asked.

Everybody thanks for the emails we are having a lot of fun in Paris. Just keep up the emails.


Nick and Family

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