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I arrived in Jakarta last night and made my way to Jalan Jaksa area where all the foreign tourists go to say and hand out in central Jakarta. So far everything has gone smooth. I was the first to arrive from our group. Two more come in today a bunch on the 17th and a few on the 18th. But more about that later.

I have some notes about Korea for this entry and the next one then I will start posting on Indonesia. I hope to add some photos when I find wireless access but only a few pics because of slower internet thus far in Indoneisa.

Nelson, KH and I went to the Beomeosa temple which was listed as the best temple in Busan. It was originally built in 678 but most of the original structures have been rebuilt because of Korea's history of foreign invasion and conquest. It is set in the lush green hills and a world away from the concrete and asphault jungle that sits next door. It is also the starting point for the many trails that access Geumjeong mountain and fortress, however, fortress is a misnomer because there is only a gate and a wall that remain. The hike to the top was a rocky staircase set in a sea of green trees and plants abet humid though. The unobstructed view from the top was fantastic with a panoramic view of the whole Busan area. The breeze and the top was a nice luxury that I enjoyed.

After several hours of hiking and temple hopping we headed back to central Busan for a Vietnamese dinner. I did not realize that Korea was playing in the World Cup so the area was wild with soccer fans. Down on one of the main streets a large screen and stage was assembled with hundreds watching the game. We stayed and watched as well. The place was electric and went psycho crazy when Korea scored. They ultimately defeated Greece 2-0 and the crowd was insane. I forgot how much fun it is to be in a country that is wild about the soccer team. Our day had come to and end and with only two more left time seem to fly by.

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