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Hola to Calder School !!!!

Thanks to everyone reading our blog. It is late and hot so we will give an update tomorrow. Today we started our Spanish lessons, boy what did we get our selves into. We were going into it thinking that we were going to learn how to ask how to catch the bus but instead we are getting grammer and vocabulary lessons.

Kelby, Taylor, and Hunter visited a public elementary school as part of their lessons. The school is free to all kids but most kids can┬┤t afford school supplies or clothes (or food for that matter)to attend school. Larger families sometimes can only afford to send one or two kids to school. Which holds true as we see 4 year olds begging on the street for food at ten oclock at night.

Hasta luego (see you later) Excelente┬┤ espanol Mrs. Holtkamp

Kelby, Taylor, Hunter, Cynthia, and Bill

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