Elmira Ontario to Oregon USA travel blog

Hello family and friends:

Sorry we have not been able to get to you in the last couple of days. We have been sitting in El Paso Texas getting our generator fixed and our inverter up and going again/ Cannot do much when there is no power in the coach. We have been touring around El Paso seeing the mountains and the mission areas and stores. Lots of shopping here.

Weather has been nice. 60'F and low of 41. Expecting rain on Tuesday. Hoping we will underway tomorrow but who knows. We are at a Cummins dealership presently hooked up to power but not water or sewer but, we are good for 5 days if necessary. Hopefully it will only last this evening and getting fixed tomorrow and on our way. That is being optomistic.

We are going to the cattlemens restaurant this evening which is out in the desert and they say it is safe to go there.

Hope everyone is well. How is Wyatt doing Sarah? Hope he is feeling better.

Hi Piper, you keep on dancing I hope we are back to see your recital.

Hi Taya, Nanah is sending you a postcard of a huge armadillo. Just mailing today will take at least a week to get there. Postcard for Wyatt as well

Dan left for DuBi today. Good luck Dan.

Hi Jackson and Lilly. Hope you are continuing to do well with basketball and Lilly I hope skating is going well for you.

Hello Leslie, Sue, Janet. I cannot farm for a while this computer does not allow me to get on to Farmville or facebook. I am using the company computer presently.

Will be praying for you and the Kids Club this week. I hear you are going to have a fun time with winter carnival.

Hi Mimii, Bob, Madeline & Brian, Wayne and Dawn. I cannot remember everyone who has this site. Hope all is well. We are doing fine, a little frazelled with everything that is going wrong, the weather is better so we do not have to worry about that until we get to Oregon. I hear they just got a dumping of snow there. Madeline how is your dad. please send e-mail. Jeff and Susan will send e-mail when I get another moment

Hi Mary and Jim.. thought we might be able to stop on the way but because of using up our extra days here looks like we have to continue through. We will call when driving by and hopefully catch up with you when we are finished in Oregon. Hopefully it is not going to a long time.

No pictures this time. I have taken lots but this computer does not allow me to download. When I get to a wifi, will add to the next report. Hopefully I will be able to give you an update tomorrow to let you know if we are moving or staying for another day.

Take care everyone. Love you family, hugs, Yvonne & Cliff (Nanah &Pah) (Mom &Dad)

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