Florida Keys 2010 travel blog

Our campsite at Fort Clinch - beach location. Notice the RV that...


Shrimp boat heads out

Oat grass

Off to explore the beach

Long shadows in late afternoon

Anne took a long walk

Tom captured some stunning images

The water was calm

A small creature


Now we are really heading home and the weather is feeling a lot less like Florida and more like COLD! We decided on a one night stay at Fort Clinch State Park which is on the Atlantic and nearly in Georgia. This would be a good day's drive of 384 miles. Our other alternative was to head up the Gulf coast to Shell Mound County Park where we had stayed two years ago. Doing this would have made our trip to Edisto Beach on Tuesday a long 425 mile journey.

We left Hal and Peggy's around 10 in the morning and arrived at Fort Clinch in the late afternoon. The sun was angled low, casting long shadows. As soon as the water and electric were connected, we headed out to the beach. We had stayed at Fort Clinch before, but at the river campsites. We loved this beach site with its wide expanse and the sound of the surf. Tom captured some striking images of the beach and then went back to the RV to prepare dinner, while Anne walked for a long time, being alert for submarines that sometimes emerge from the St. Mary's River base.

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