Blue People, Red State - Winter 2010 travel blog

Our campground in the Athens, GA area was about two day's drive away from home. Unfortunately, bodacious thunderstorms poured 14 inches of rain into the very wide state of Tennessee over the weekend. The interstates through Knoxville where closed in spots and eventually Nashville was closed down entirely. And those thunderstorms were headed our way. The weather media tends to over dramatize unusual weather, but the footage of buildings floating down the interstate past stranded trucks and cars did give us pause. We spent the morning watching the radar and checking DOT websites. It became clear that we needed to avoid Tennessee entirely. That meant having to drive the 60 foot long motor home plus tow car straight through downtown Atlanta and we headed out as soon as the rain lightened a bit. Waiting longer could have meant more extensive flooding here. The roads were so wet that even when the rain stopped, the wipers were hard at work. Eventually, we came out from under the clouds to blue skies and sunshine. And after four hours of driving we are a bit farther away from home than we were this morning. Sigh....

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