Winter 2009-2010 travel blog

One of our main goals this week was to inventory what food we had and go fill in the gaps. Wednesday we drove to Parker to check out the new Wally-world. Forgetaboutit!! as our eastern friends say. Poor selection, empty shelves, and clueless employees. It is quite a small store with limited space but I saw a least 4 complete aisles devoted to Halloween. One of the clerks I talked to said that the experienced clerks had tried to tell the imported management about the snowbird invasion, but no one listened. One aisle sign said that the dish detergent was in aisle 7 but it was two aisles over. We went across the road to Safeway.

There the people were much friendlier, (probably because they knew where things were), the shelves were stocked, the produce was more than just lettuce and pumpkins, and they had a huge sale going on. Our savers card said we saved more than $75.

Friday we went to Wenden to the produce market. We got pineapple, broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, pomegranates, strawberries, garlic and onions. I love to buy from open air markets.

We then went to find where the Salome Library had moved. The Tri-Valley Improvement Association had finally gotten their grant money and built a new building next to Centennial Park and the library had moved into part of it. Nice building and I look forward to the library being open more hours later in the season. Now it is just open Mon, Tues. and Wed. So will go next Tuesday.

Saturday, we got an email that the table I had ordered was in at Wal*Mart, so another trip to Parker. We picked up the table from Site to Store, got a few groceries that we had missed on Thursday (at Safeway) and were on our way home in less than an hour. The second hand store in Bouse was open so we stopped to see what they had.

I was able to pick up an all wood, SW style coffee table for $7. It looks a bit rough now but with a coat of paint it will look good in my shade room.

So that is the way our week went. A bit more cleaning out of the rig, a bit more organization of the sheds, sitting and watching the sunrises and sunsets, all in all - life is good.

Hope you all remembered to set your clocks last night - we don't have to change - just remember when the TV programs come on. So we will be adding and subtracting an hour different now. With the East Coast/West Coast feeds we are more aware of time zones here than anywhere else.

See you on Wednesday.

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