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A Huey Cobra Gunship

Old Oil Storage Tanks for a Small Well

PA DOT is Very Creative

It's Amazing What You Can Do with Old Highway Signs

More Sign Art

Road to Drake Well Museum

Bridge Over Oil Creek

Drake Well Park

Train Station at Drake Well

Drake Well

Drake Well Steam Driven Pump

This One's for Kyle

Early Oil Refinery

Oil Delivery Truck

Many Pumps Driven by One Engine

This is How it's Done

Horse Drawn Oil Tanker

We left Ohio and traveled through northwestern Pennsylvania today. We stopped in Titusville to visit the Drake Oil Well Museum on the site where the first oil well was drilled 150 years ago this year. It’s a pretty neat place and well worth the effort (steep uphill, narrow roads, with a one lane bridge) to get there. There’s an inside museum and displays of actual working oil well equipment around the grounds. It’s located right along the banks of Oil Creek.

We headed south from Titusville to Oil City and through Cook Forest that looks like the Pocono’s west based on the number of cabins, campgrounds, and vacation attractions. Just after we got onto I80 at Brookville, PA, we jumped off near Du Bois because traffic was reduced to one lane for construction (thank God for the American Recovery and Reconstruction Act) and looked like it was backed up for several miles so we got off at the exit. As soon as I turned onto the local road, I got a low air pressure alarm on one of my tires. Unfortunately there was no place to turn around so we had to kind of work our way through back rural back roads to try to get back to the interstate and hopefully a truck stop for a tire repair. I thought we had found our way back to the interstate, but missed the turn and had to go to the back roads again. This time the road kept getting narrower, running down hill into the woods. If we were further south, I think this would have been called a holler (Ed will correct me if I’m wrong). I could have sworn I heard banjo music as we drove down into the valley. We finally crossed a bridge (wide concrete), but the road turned to dirt (actually mud as it had just rained). It was finally time to stop, unhook the car and tow dolly and turn big Winnie around. A K-turn with a 33ft vehicle on a bridge is interesting, but I finally made it. I pumped up the leaking tire loaded up the car and retraced our route. By this time it was getting dark. We finally made it back to the Brookville exit. It turned out we had a one inch Torx screw in the tire. With the repairs made we made our way to the nearest Camp Walmart for the night. We crawled into bed about midnight.

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