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fancy campsite

We bought our motor home from a car dealer. He wasn't selling RV's; it was his personal vehicle. At some time as part of a car trade in, he acquired the part of the hitch that attaches to the motor home. He never towed a car; he rented cars after he got to his destination. Since the hitch was of no use to him, he gave it to us as part of the deal. This meant we only had to purchase the mechanism that is part of the Jeep that the hitch attaches to. We have no idea how old the hitch is or if it is in good condition.

We read about a case where a car came loose from the hitch and the driver looked in his side mirror and saw his tow car driving along side him down the road. That would be a dismaying experience and brought us here. Blue Ox which manufactured the hitch, it sort of on our way home. So a small detour brought us to a tiny burg in Nebraska and the Blue Ox campground. The campground is beautifully landscaped and has all the utilities that we require. I couldn't imagine that anyone else would be in this off the beaten track spot, but we are far from alone here. In the morning the hitch will get checked and refurbished and we will get a factory tour.

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