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Our flight left right on time. We were on a 777 which only has two seats next to a window, so we didn't have anyone seated between us. There was pretty good leg room, but the lady in front of me reclined her seat all the way and the space in front of my face seemed too small.

They sold food on the flight. They wanted $10 for a sandwich or a salad. It didn't seem so extravagant after the airport prices. They did hand out free sodas etc. (twice).

We had good tail winds and arrived in Miami early after about 4 1/2 hours. We let all of the pushy people get off and then strolled to the baggage claim area. We still had to wait about 20 miutues until our suitcases showed up. I guess it was a busy time for the baggage handlers.

We had a struggle finding our way to the hotel shuttle. Ev's cell phone wouldn't work inside. We finally found a pay phone which took all our spare change and hung up on us. Finally a worker told us to go up to the departure level and go outside and we should find our shuttle there. Once we got there, Evelyn found that she had just enough signal to call the hotel. It was a bad connection but she managed to get them to send the shuttle. It arrived in about 15 minutes and we got to the hotel.

We checked into our room and then went looking for dinner. There was only one restaurant within walking distance. It was good - nice ambiance and good food. We had "Cuban" sandwiches and well done fries. Coincidentaly they were $10 also.

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