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Saigon Traffic

Street Market-Saigon

Ho Chi Minh-Vietnam History Museum

CaoDai Devotees

CaoDai Temple

For a quick overview of Vietnam provided by the BBC, click here

It's too hot!! We're coming home!! Just kidding, but it is hot - a shock to the system after leaving several perfect-weather-days in San Francisco! First impression of Saigon: each and every one of the city's 5 million+ citizens owns a motor scooter and everyone is riding their scooter at the same time!

We visited a few museums - including the War Museum (previously named the War Crimes Museum) - interesting to see another perspective on a piece of history that affected so many on all sides. From what we hear, there's an even different point of view on things in the North of the country so we'll get back to you on that later. Also stopped in at the Vietnam History Museum

Spent a day visiting the Cu Chi tunnels (where the Viet Cong lived during the war) and an interesting temple for the Cao Dai religion, which was founded in the 1920s

(unique to Vietnam and a bit of a cultish blend of Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity packaged into one by the founder).

Had a slight problem leaving Saigon - showed up at the train station with tickets in-hand and were turned away since we were a day early! In any case, had a "bonus" night/day in Saigon so spent it relaxing with massages at the Institute for the Blind (too long a story for this blog) and a pedicure for Christy - not at the Institute for the Blind! John randomly managed to find cricket highlights and the All Blacks v. Wales test live on Vietnamese TV in the middle of the night. Christy enjoyed this by putting in earplugs, putting on an eyemask and getting a good night's sleep.

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