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Beautiful Volcano Lanin

One more inside the wine cellar in talca

We caught a train around midday from Talca to Chillan after walking to the train station with all our gear. As our Spanish was very ordinary we hadn´t realised through our questioning about how far it was, and after walking for about half an hour we finally made it in time for our train. From the train we had incredible views of volcanoes and the beautiful snow capped Andes mountain range.

After arriving in Chillan we had a wander through the local markets which were full of colourful clothing and unusual fruits and vegetables. We were planning on going to the thermal springs heated by the surrounding volcanoes the next day but unfortunately it wasn´t meant to be. Early the next morning we got up to have showers and get ready and Alison dropped the soap and when bending to pick it up twisted her back. Barely able to move as the pain was unbearable and after some help getting out of the shower, was only able to lay on the bed like an invalid for the rest of the day. Thinking she had done some serious damage after carrying heavy packs quite far the previous day we only really had 2 options, stay or go. We realised that although we could stay in Chillan until it improved that it may be days of recovery and so we decided to catch a bus further south.

Poor Ryan you should have seen him carrying both of our big backpacks like some sort of machine to the bus stop which luckily wasn't too far away from the hostel while his sore wife stiffly hobbled beside him. After taking a few pain killers the 8-9 hr ride further south was uncomfortable but bareable.

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