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Monday morning we left Paris du Nord. A 2 hour tide took us to Brussels, Belgium where we picked up some cheap groceries during an hour layover. Another 2 hour ride and we were at Amsterdam Central.

In Amsterdam we arrived and found directions easily to The Heart of Amsterdam...right in the heart of the red light district. We set our bags down in the 'Apacolypes Now' room (every room had a movie theme). The room was set up nicely with 4 bunk beds and a private bathroom. However with plumbing issues I would only get to flush our toilet once during the 3 night stay.

Right off we met John, a Kiwi (New Zealand), who was in a eerily similar traveling scenario as Brian and myself. He was an architect in New Zealand and quit his job to travel. We found some good Asian food. Then went for beers at a cafe along the canal. The bartender at Lluywacht informed me that beloved Dutch beer, Orangeboom = hangover beer and would not be found many places. After a few samples I found Palm to be a nice alternative.

Tuesday morning was quiet in the room so we slept in a bit before a day in Vondelpark. Vondelpark has streams that run along many pathways. There we found a nice spot to set up the iPod and throw the frisbee around awhile.

Later that night we kept things low key with pizza dinner with John and Chris from St. Louis. After a walk around the district we called it a night.

Wednesday morning took us to the Pancake Corner for some energy before tackling the 4 floors of the Van Gogh museum. We spent about 3 hrs taking in some of the most famous work by Van Gogh and Monet.

We got back to our hostel to find some good news via email from Everett, our Zurich couch surfing connection, and Kelly, a friend of Laura Rouse's living in Zurich.

Upon reaching the room we found a group of Aussie guys and Dutch girls that would raise hell until our checkout the next day at 11 am.

Brew and I stepped out to get some drinks to add to the mix for the apparent pre party in our room. It was one of the Aussie's birthdays so we started out at The Old Sailor for drinks. After bar hopping the crew got inspired for a 'show', however Brian and I opted out of the 30 euro, 1 hour show.

The Aussies then returned to the room quite late and didnt allow for much sleep our last night in Amsterdam.

A lot of people we hung out with were in Amsterdam for 5-7 days. I feel like our 3 night stay may have been 1 night more than necessary in Amsterdam. It was a great time. However I am really looking forward to a new city...Zurich.

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