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Oregon State Capitol

Shirley & Frances

Olympia Washington State Capitol Building

Shirley reading the proclamation

Humbling tow across the border of Calif. to Oregon

Believe it or not we finally made it to Washington! Hurray!!!

We had to get towed over the California - Oregon border though. The air suspension system had another breakdown. Steve could not find the leak so the tow service was called. A very nice and very knowlegeable young man came to our rescue. He discovered that the problem was with our air horn. All our air was rapdly exiting through the horn! No wonder the horn didn't work. He towed us to a very good repair shop where they proceeded to tell us that we needed a lube job. What? Before we left California we had paid good money to get that done, but alas we had paid for empty promises. Finally left the repair shop shortly before midnight and drove a few miles to the Rogue Valley Rest Area and State Park.

When Frances opened her palm pilot in the morning a scripture was waiting for all of us from Deuteronomy 2 - essentially - it's time to stop circling the mountain and head north. Hallelujah!

Just one minor incident, the battery for the motorhome engine blew up. We pulled into a Pilot to get filled up and when we went to leave the engine wouldn't start. Tried to jump it, but no success. Steve looked closer and low and behold the side of the battery was broken open. Good news for us there was a shop across the road that sold batteries so Steve took the old one and returned with a new one and shortly we were on our way again. We got to Salem about sundown and made our way to the capitol. The enormity of the proclamation is slowly taking root in our innermost beings. For a time we looked at it as judgment, but last night on the Oregon Capitol steps we saw what we are doing not so much as judgment, but as YHVH calling His children home, warning them of the dangers to come and sending out the call to His sleeping ones to wake up and heed the times.

We are just coming into Olympia, WA. As we come into your state and if you would like to be on the capitol steps with us joing in the proclamation of YHVH, let us know and we'll get back to you with secifics.---Later---This has added even more understanding to what we are doing. We noted that the Court building across from the legislature/Capitol building for Washington, had the words engraved at the top "Temple of Justice" and as we read the passage from Jeremiah 50-51, as we came to the words about YHVH's temple being empty and desolate. We saw the connection to today's "Temple of Justice" being empty and desolate. Justice truly has vacated the halls of our nations leadership and righteousness along with it. As we sounded the shofars to the East, South, West, and North, the accoustics between the court building and the legislative building were just so that the sound resonated to a new level. People were lookng out office windows and stopping to ask us what we were doing. As we explained, they walked away, shaking their heads. Blind is blind and that can only be changed by the Ruach haKodesh when He chooses.

Later this evening; we are finally stopped for the night in Ellensburg, WA set up to head for Boise, Idaho tomorrow. We plan to spend Shabbat there after making the proclamaion at the capitol building hopefully Friday evening.

SHALOM for now!

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