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Ohio Turnpike campground


pay station

water fill up

dump station

Another uneventful driving day. We did stop to buy 100 gallons of diesel and marveled that the price was $1/gallon less than we paid at the beginning of this trip. It could just as easily have gone the other way. Planning for travel is more challenging than ever. Since it is late fall and snow and freeze warnings fill the air, it could be challenging to find campgrounds to stay in on the drive home.

Rest areas on expressways and oases on the turnpike usually make it very clear that no way, no how, are you supposed to stay on their grounds overnight. Consequently, we couldn't believe our eyes when we drove east through Ohio and saw what looked like camping facilities. Research on the internet revealed that this is indeed the case so we decided to check it out on the way home. There are six oases on the turnpike and every other one has a place for us, nine spots at this oasis to be exact. For $15 we get 50 amp service, enough to run every electric appliance we have all at the same time. A water filling spot is nearby and a place to dump the water that has been used. We get all this for $15 and the chance to eat delicious, nutritious fast food at the restaurant. There is some road noise, but when the heat pump is on, it's easy to forget where we are. If we look out the right window, we see a grassy berm with trees displaying fall colors. We don't have to unhitch the car and can get right back on the road in the morning without any wasted driving. Other states should take a cue from Ohio.

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