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Bill and Ana

The drive to Ronda

The view out our window!

The beauty of Ronda




Paige in our hotel window



So we hopped on the bus to Ronda after a crowded but wonderful few days in Sevilla. It was a beautiful bus drive, a trip into the mountains, and even Paige stayed awake for it. I was trying to think of places to compare it to, but truly, there is nothing. The closest I could come was a Spanish Yosemite. Que Bonita! We arrived at the bus station in the middle of town while a pretty big mountain bike race was going on. So we were walking through crowds of people with our huge backpacks on looking very out of place, asking people where this street was, or that street, just to get our bearings- and it was not going all that well.. until out of the blue this man says, "hey, are you american?" Needless to say, neither of us were jumping to say "YES!" So we said, we are actually from San Francisco (as if that helps). But our worries were for nothing. The man was a kind gentleman from Reno, with his girlfriend Ana (a Ronda native). They helped us find our hotel, which was very tricky indeed, down a long cobblestone path. LONG. Oh, but it was so nice, peaceful and fantastic. Our window looked out onto fields and hills with sheep and horses grazing. Truly relaxing. We ate dinner at a lovely restaurant overlooking the grand Tajo. We were both captured by the view and the food. Soon though, the clouds that looked so pretty turned dark and angry and soon, we were ordering dessert to put off the long walk in the storm.

The next day, our new friend Bill took us to the Cueva Del Gato, a really cool cave and waterfall area. Our next few days in Ronda were just relaxing. We walked a lot and met Laura and Ray, our new British (and Irish) friends. (We hope you had a good time on your walk...) They made me laugh like I haven~t laughed in a very long time, with jokes of American politics. and Bill and Ana, our Ronda/Reno friends, were so kind and welcoming. We will defintely be back to Ronda. Hopefully soon.

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