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This morning we all boarded 2 mini buses and headed off to visit some cenotes. These are pools of crystal clear water deep underground in the most amazing caves. On the way we stopped at a local town to see the bull fighting ring, which only lasts for 5 days a year. Apparently around Merida though the bulls are not killed.

To get to the cenotes themselves we had to travel by horse drawn cart along tiny little railway tracks, which we found a horrific experience. This was because there were 7 adults crammed on to a tiny little cart which was pulled by a tiny pony, no bigger than 13 hands, and only about 2 years old and all skin and bones. The poor thing could hardly move us and was very lame and had a bad back but the driver kept whipping it with ropes, especially when it broke free and ran off into the bushes as it couldn´t take the pain, and was then severely punished, and made to stand in baking heat while we swam with no water.

The cenotes however were absolutely incredible. Some of the wooden ladders dropped down vertically for about 20 metres which was a little scary, but well worth it. There were bats and lots of fish, and we got some amazing pictures jumping off the rocks in to the pools, with the stalactites hanging down with shafts of sunlight. Not sure if we can put these pics up yet though.

We´re off to dinner now!


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