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Well, this is the night before the tour 'proper' and I've just had dinner. It's been quite a fun past 24 hours. The flight from Heathrow was alright, though I thought it was going to be awful when two babies sat in front of me and a huge woman next to me. Luckily though the seat on the other side turned out to be free so I spread out to there. I watched Harry Potter (Prisoner of Azkaban) which was alright and tried to doze. Immigration was the usual fun, involving a bizarre baggage system. You go through immigration, pick up your bag, go through customs, swearing that you haven't decided to bring semtex or potatoes into the country. Then you have to put your bag back on a conveyor belt where it gets wisked away to some dark room, where customs elves search your bag for rogue vegetables, while you are carried by underground train several miles away. You emerge blinking in the light into a new terminal, wondering if you are going to be arrested for not declaring that you have clothes in your luggage, and eventually find the second set of luggage collections, then it's off on the next magic journey to find the hotel transfers.

After a long wait for transfers to the hotel, I made it at about 7pm Seattle time or 3am British time.

One long sleep later, and I got up to go into Seattle, with people I'd met the previous night (Lucy and Nicky.) We went into a mall in downtown seattle to get some breakfast, but turned out to be more lunch (Bourbon Chicken and Rice - cheap, filling and nice) We then visited the space needle, which wasn't as high as I was expecting but had some lovely views (photos when I get back), though tellingly there was a Starbucks at the top. We took a tour with a guide who seemed to be obsessed with the Beatles visit to Seattle, way back. Looks like nothing much happens here either. Then we went back down and decided to get a coffee from Starbucks on the ground as we were in Seattle. Surprise suprise it tasted the same as every other coffee that they make.

We walked along the waterfront up to the aquarium, and went to that which was quite good and not too expensive. Octopi, Star Fish, Seals and Otters were the flavour of the day.

By this time it was getting lateish, and still unsure what day it was we decided to walk through the market and then head home. When in the market I saw some lovely peaches (called Oh My God Peaches because of their size) and got them, but I'll have to eat them before Canada. (No fruit or veg over the border!!!).

We got the bus back to the hotel, which took ages as we got caught in the traffic for the baseball and then had a meal. So far everyone has been very helpful, pointing lost Brits in the correct direction, and actually talking to you on the bus rather than just adopting the British bus stare (1 ft ahead, never to the side!).

I'm off to bed now, as we've got an early start, and it may be a day or two before I get back in touch, but hey - you never know.

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