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Short summary. Still in Masaya, love it. Went to Volcano Masaya today - well worth going to.

Today was a very busy day. I am so glad I did Volcano Masaya this morning as at the moment it is raining buckets...

Anyway, for today's story about how I was a local celebrity.... It started off with more of a distraction. I knew I had to change some money before I went to Volcano Masaya but somehow I got distracted and sat in the shade by the new cathedral listening to the passionate singing coming from the service... and I forgot to change money. I found a minibus to that was going past the Volcano entrance no problem (except they call it Parque.... instead of Volcano Masaya)... so I arrive, look in my wallet to pay my entrance fee and worked out that I only had enough to cover my entrance fee and the microbus back to Masaya. Yet, I had $100 US on me, but that was not good to me there. What do I need money for I hear you think.... ah... need $50 cordobas for the taxi up to the summit. Otherwise it is a long, steep, 5km walk....

So a long, steep, walk it was to be.... the first part was actually pleasant and I wandered along thinking how fabulous to go walking in such a beautiful place. Then a ranger joined me, he stayed just behind about 20 metres. After a while I started chatting to him - spanish-english-gesture, and he advised me that he had to accompany me because of the 21 species of snakes that are around... although reassuringly he told me that only a couple were bad....are the rest just ulgy?..... It was really hot, I mean sweat buckets hot, the hill gradually got steeper and steeper. We came to his colleague, another ranger who was going to take me up the road for the steep part. I chatted away to him and was pleased to here that things are the same all over the world, the new boy at the place gets the hardest part of the walk, a very steep and hot part. He told me that 3 people a day would walk up, if that. As we walked and talked, various tourist buses (the people that pay $30US to $50US) went by, many locals...... At one stage we heard some birds and in a moment of what can only be described as stupidity I walked through an area probably snake infested to see them. Its the heat.

About 500 metres to the top a ute picked me up and I jumped on the back... glad because the last bit was really, really steep. When I arrived I seem to be a celebrity, some crazy gringo woman that walked up the mountain.. people were chatting, was I tired, how long did it take.... and then a wee boy remarked that it looked like I'd wet myself (it was 100% sweat, my trousers looked as if I'd been swimming) and in that brief moment, the celebrity status was over....I cannot imagine how it is for Paris.

Volcano Masaya is quite impressive, the old rim you can walk around (I did most of it but was saving some energy for the walk home). I have to confess my ESP failed and I followed a sign that said to meet with ranger guides but it lead to an out of bounds area were I was truly met by some guides.... So to get back I had to walk up a rather steep bank......he took me just in case there were snakes....

I started walking down the road and news of this must have spread through the rangers radio network (I think early on in the piece the radio traffic was something like... yeah, there's another crazy walker....make sure she doesn't get in trouble.... bet yeah she is a New Zealander or Australian). Anyways, the controller of the park (the big honcho...... must be my celebrity status) offered me a lift in his nice flash van.... except at the change point there was a wee miscommunication and I thought he was finishing there and he thought I wanted to finish there so in the end I walked about 1.5km down the road after he headed off in that direction... but it wasn't bad and there were two - rustles in the bush I think its a snake episodes..

Volcano Masaya is worth going to. I think it cost me $12 cordobas for minivan, $70 cordobas for entrance, $10 cordobas minivan back. So $5.50 US..... and it was great fun. Again, I think I could sit on a bus with a bunch of fellow tourists or just find my own way.

Tomorrow, Catarina, near the lake. The ranger recommended it to me, which is kinda crazy and this was the place I wanted to go to simply because I think the name is beautiful.

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