Fall 2007 travel blog

Decorating a cake with Papa

These pumpkins are bigger than I am

Ye Haw! Can't you make this horse go faster??

Has a small moment of angst as we pulled out of Irish Hills Campground. It had rained all night and we had a pretty steep hill to traverse to the dump station. But Ron put the old Dodge in growler and it walked right up the hill.

Got into Joliet and Leisure Lakes campground with no problems. Even my nemisis - I-80/94 traveled along quietly. There was some backup on the eastbound side but we had no trouble going westbound. Set up in our usual site and the satellite dishes connected.

Got over to Mark's house and DGD#6 was a bit shy. Of course, she is only 20 months old so we expected some hesitation. Within about 15 minutes she took my hand and showed me her fish. We made it an early evening as we were tired and they had to go to work in the morning.

Saturday we visited a Pumpkin Fest. DGD#6 had slept on the way over so wasn't too excited about the whole thing. She brightened up with the pony ride however. Back home Judy and John (Tara's mom and SO - soon to be DH) came over for dinner.

Sunday we went to church and then out to Chili's for lunch then over to Mark and Tara's for a bit. We left around 3 as we had to get ready for travel and they had to get ready for the coming week. It will be a busy one with Judy and John getting married on the 7th.

Packed up and dumped and were on our way by 9:30.

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