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Shanghai skyline with Pearl TV Tower

Shanghai - old town


Five portions a day

Not a good place to be a duck

We love chinese/english translations

Shanghai acrobats

Shanghai at night

Mr P chilling out in yuyan gardens

Yuyan Gardens

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Left Xian on Pennys brithday for a 17 hour train journey to Shanghai. Although experienced in the art of chinese train travel (ie squat toilets on moving train, communal bathrooms - 2 sinks 200 people) we were not prepared for mr snore who managaed to keep the whole carraige awake all night but woke himself remarkably refreshed at 7am!

Nice to arrive in Shanghai - a far cleaner more western city. Visited the main sites, went up the pearl TV tower, went to the old city and French quarter. In the evenings we went to a really cool jazz club and went to see the Shanghai acrobats which although an extemily low budget production was absolutly amazing.

Taxi drive back to the train station proved very difficult and with 12 people to get in taxis and only 30 mins before the train departed our leader (simon) decided we should hit the rush hour metro and run for the train - just made it in time and the rucksacks only knocked a few chinese out.

Although it was a nice change to get to Shanghai we soon felt a bit too westernised as loads of tourists turned up for the grand prix and Elton John was in town.

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