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Hello Everyone...well Chris and I are preparing the RV and the TV for the pull down to South Georgia.

Before we head out there are lots of things that have to come together. So, I thought I would just share with you whats been going on around here after we returned from REDSTONE last week. Leaving for two months takes a lot of preparation especially for the house you leave behind.

I. We have done some major spring yard work that I had let go for too long.

A. Cleared the wood line that borders our back yard with the help of Chris and Greg (Son). Man what a job. Vines had taken over a lot of the small trees. The chain saw took care of that pretty easily, however, we had to dispose of a lot of debri and such. Greg came over and we had a huge bon fire to get rid of the stuff we couldn't move down in to the woods. The fire burned for 6-8 hours....we all stood around it and talked and had a good time.

B. We finished the Mulching of all of the bushes and trees. That was a job no less. Thanks to Paul (our next door neighbor) for lending us his trailer to haul the mulch.

C. Trimmed all of the bushes and hedges.

D. Mow the grass one last time prior to departure.

Note: We have decided to let Matthew and Bro. Bud help mow our yard while we are gone.

II. Preparing the RV and TV for departure (week prior to departure):

A. With us being gone for 2 months on this trip, we will have to repack the RV with the things that will be essential to live away from home. Weight is a big factor. I have a check list that I work with and hope to work through this list by the end of next week end. Chris works with the inside check list and I work with a list for the out side for the RV and TV (tow vehicle). Since weight is a factor, we will only have 1/3 water tank and all of the other holding tanks will be empty. When we get to our destination we will shop for food and other staples...in this manner we will not have to haul all that extra weight down to Georgia from home.

B. One important factor that some RV'ers do not monitor is tire pressure, and inspect the tires. I always make sure that the RV tires are aired up to the MAX mfg recommeded PSI. Premature tire failure, due to improper tire inflation, is the #1 road hazard for RV's. The tow vehicle tires are checked and aired up in the same manner. I normally perform this maintenance two (2) days befoe I pull out.

Side notes:

This past Friday (3/21) we met Lorraine, Nich and Zach at the Cracker Barrell in Lenoir City for lunch. They passed along to us some mighty fine retirement gifts consisting of Logan's Steak House gift certificate, Books A Million gift certificate, Regal Movie gift certificate and a Starbucks gift certificate! I want to thank Jeff & Lorraine and boys for their wonderful kindness. The card was especially good!!

I will be substitute teaching on Monday (3/24) at William Blount Middle and then again on Thursday (3/27) Middlesettlements Elementary, so, this last week before we leave will be a mixed bag.

Easter Sunday we will attend an early breakfast at the church fellowship hall and then attend Easter Services upstairs in the sanctuary. Leaving our church for 2 months will be tuff, and we will miss everyone during our tour in Ga.

At the present time we plan on pulling out for Cordele, Ga. Veterans State Park on Monday, March 31st. We expect to make our first run on the SAM train that following Thursday, April 4th.

We wil update the Journal with more details of the Park and train when we get there.

Man, who said retirement would be a time to just relax?

God Bless!!


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