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Ghost town store

That's why its called a ghost town!

More ghosts...

My car and crucified body of last stanger to wander into these...

The Devil's Golf Course, Death Valley. Solid salt.

Delicate salt formation in the Devil's Golf Course

Beginning of "Artist's Palette" Drive

My Ford Focus posing near end of the "Artist's" Drive

Mt. Whitmore, biggest mountain in the Sierra Nevada

So what do you make of that then?

Death Valley Panorama

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Scan around a bit of Death Valley

So up well early, and off to breakfast in the Casino, where people were already playing the slots at 6.30 a.m. And then off I drove down into Death Valley, playing loud American rock as I zoomed along the long desert highway. Fantastic! This is what a Road trip should be all about!

First though I went to the nearby ghost town of Rhyolite, the weirdest bit of which was all these strange sculptures, like the crazy cannibal families that live in the desert were artistic in their spare time. Spooky place.

I was driving with the windows open, despite the heat, because I heard you could tell the difference the second you entered Death Valley proper, and its true! Christ, it was hot! I kept the windows open as much as I could, but had to have sessions of air conditioning when it all became too much. I stopped briefly overlooking Death Valley, it was still too early for most people, and it was awesome: huge and quiet like the end of the world. One thing I saw though - and don't forget we are by Area 51 - was a stealth jet pursuing a normal passenger jet. And now I've posted it, so there will be no covering up this incident!

So I bought myself a national park ticket for $80 in Furnace Creek, valid for the whole country for a year, and then following advice from the Park Rangers, drove down to Badwater to look at the salt formations. Cool formations, very hot weather indeed, 105 in the shade at 7.30 in the morning. And then just lots of driving and walking around fantastic scenery, very beautiful colours. Sadly, it was overcast all day, which probably took the edge off the heat, but did mean the colours didn't really shine at their best.

So after several hours of this I drove out by Stovepipe Wells and over to the Eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada mountains, driving north along them. They were very impressive, though largely hidden by the rain - confusing weather! Eventually I got tired and am now staying in a place called Bishop, nothing to write home about. My negative view of the place was not helped by accidentally getting embroiled in a domestic between the motel owners, the woman of whom is a complete psycho. Still, luckily no guns were produced, so I survived that, found an internet place at last, and hopefully will head for the hills tomorrow.

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