First Winter Away - 2005 travel blog

staying warm

coated in ice

It rained as we got up. It rained as we drove. We noticed that ice circles were beginning to form on our mirrors. As the thermometer crept below freezing the rain continued. How could this be? At home when it is below freezing the water freezes. As the big trucks continued to whiz by us on the tollway, we pulled into an oasis to eat lunch and ponder what to do. We did not want to make a risky decision, but staying in the oasis all night was not an appealing prospect. It was now 27 degrees, but the traffic continued to move quickly. In less than 60 miles we could be safe in a campground in Oklahoma City. If only we had gotten started earlier when the temperature was still above freezing. As we crept along, we noticed semi's and cars spun out into the medians and ditches along the road. There are few places to get off on a tollway. We carried on. As we entered Oklahoma City the roads were wide and fairly empty. A collision that must have happened ten minutes before we got there, caused everyone to slow to a safe turtle's pace. Luckily the campground was only half a mile off the expressway. As we pulled into our campsite, the ice beneath our wheels crunched. Getting stuck in the mud would not be our concern tonight. Hurry to connect the electric cord so we can turn on the furnace as the wind blows through our inadequate jackets. The entire trailer is encased in a cocoon of ice. Ken beats on the side door where the electric cord is housed until enough ice shatters and it opens. The furnace runs non stop. Should we open the slide outs so we can move comfortably around in our trailer? What if they freeze and we cannot close them in the morning? We compromise and open them part way. It will mean that there is less space to heat. Our water lines are frozen. Will they explode? Will we have to replace the water system? 222 hard won miles today.

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