Broadening Our Horizons - May 2007 travel blog

After our lengthy Class A lesson yesterday, we felt ready to stop at a huge dealer on the Ohio/Indiana border. Best Buy RV has three acres of vehicles for sale under roof. Since most dealers today have their inventories online, we knew that they had some contenders. We want a diesel engine and the 2008 models are significantly more expensive due to new engine requirements for low sulphur petroleum. They had a 2006 on the lot they were selling on consignment that only had 5,000 miles on it. It had all the bells and whistles, including some that are totally not necessary like a dishwasher. Ken is all the dishwasher we need. On the test drive Ken put all his old CTA bus driver skills back into practice and we felt ready to buy. However, the owner of the vehicle apparently wants to get all the money he paid for this back and similar brand new ones were only about $8,000 more. We know the owner is a doctor who paid cash for it, so he can't be hurting too much. Sometimes when people finance their rigs they depreciate faster than the equity remaining and people end up owing more on their loans than the vehicle is now worth. They call this being upside down. That certainly is not the case here. However, we promised ourselves that we would walk out the door if the deal wasn't in our favor and that's what we ended up doing. The salesman promised to call us back if he could get the doctor to move. I can't get ahold of my doctor when I really need to talk to her, so I imagine that conversation won't happen any time soon.

And so the hunt continues...

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